How does Entrust distinguish itself from other accounting firms?

• The partners focus a lot of their energy on keeping the team members happy.

• There is a focus staff needs. From an articling student perspective — there is emphasis on keeping a good balance between work and personal time - also for a firm that's not one of the big 4 where they have their inhouse programs - Entrust is very supportive of our training - providing access to UFE prep programs outside of CASB. I don't think other firms of a similar size would offer additional training to students.

• Offering an environment that helps team members achieve personal and professional goals.

• The firm encourages each individual to develop his or her talents as well as maintaining a good balance between career and your life outside work.

What do you believe are the primary attractions that Entrust has to offer current and prospective team members?

• The firm treats us with quite a bit of respect and gives us all a fair amount of leeway to use our time (ie flex time) as we need/see fit. I think giving the staff this amount of responsibility makes us all feel independent to a degree and more responsible for our work and behaviour.

• Balanced lifestyle approach (less demands for overtime); Progressive attitude; Opportunity to participate in firm's growth; Competitive compensation; Opportunities for promotion.

• Team members are impressed with the way they feel they are cared for by the partners, which is very unique in this industry. Peoples' thoughts and concerns and personal lives are considered when making decisions, which is very important. Partners realize that being a happy worker entails being happy with your life in general, which is something the firm promotes and allows the flexibility for.

• Entrust encourages professional development.

• Entrust promotes relationships between team members and the clients, which makes the work rewarding.

• Friendly and positive work environment; Competitive salary and benefits; Flexible work schedules; and flex days in the summer; Organized and efficient work flow management.

• I am a relatively new employee of Entrust. I am impressed with the professionalism of the firm, the organization of the office, the organization of the administrative staff and the procedures that have been put in place to organize the work effectively and efficiently.

• I am very happy here and wish I'd made the change earlier.

• I am impressed with the team environment at Entrust.

• I have nothing bad to say about Entrust and have recommended this as a place to work.

• Supportive of continuous development and training, especially for CASB students Providing tools to make our work more efficient (ie. Laptops, dual monitors, mentors)

• Team oriented environment, all team members treat each other like equals, individual needs of employees are met, open door policy.

• The work culture at Entrust is attractive, particularly with shortened work days in the summer, and winter holidays where the firm is closed.

• Entrust also offers a wide variety of projects and tasks to its staff which helps the staff learn and develop new skills and abilities.

• The team, including partners and other co-workers, are all approachable and helpful.

• The environment at ENTRUST is one that allows its team members to achieve personal and professional goals.

• The firm provides team members great opportunities for challenging assignments and direct client contact.