We understand that getting through the Uniform Final Examination is a priority for students, which is why we provide as much training and support as possible. We achieve this through the programs below. Our success on the exam backs this up.

Detailed Training Manual

On your first day, you will be handed a detailed training manual. This will become a useful reference guide for helping you get through your daily job activities.

Coaching Program

From the very moment that you join Entrust you will be formally assigned a ’Coach’, one of our senior accountants or managers. They will provide you with the support you need so that you can be successful in your day-to-day activities. In addition, they will also help and train you on file preparation and technical issues throughout your first year(s).

Hands-on Experience

Our team members enjoy the opportunity to work directly with clients. This hands-on experience helps them gain a better understanding of accounting and taxation issues, and allows them to see firsthand the positive impact their work can have on the client’s business.

Outsourced Training

It is common practice in many national firms to provide in-house classroom training for their students. At Entrust it is our policy to send our students to the Densmore UFE preparation course.

Mentoring Program

The program provides an opportunity to develop a mentor relationship within Entrust. All staff through the Manager level are assigned a mentor, who is given the responsibility to serve as your counselor in matters ranging from personal to professional growth, skill building, and networking opportunities. The program is founded upon a belief that by creating opportunities to learn from one another, and grow together, our employees will become empowered to reach their professional potential and enhance their career satisfaction.