Values and commitments

We look to our staff to challenge norms and help us innovate, and in the process, differentiate Entrust from all other companies. We are committed to being a great place to work, and have invested a lot in developing and fostering our firm culture. In addition to providing an open-door policy and an approachable senior team, we have formally developed our team’s Values and Commitments.

In 2004 the entire team gathered at Manning Park and spent three days with a facilitator discussing items such as how we communicate to each other, how we treat each other, what our ethics are, what type of environment we want to work in and how we treat our clients. The result of this session was our official pledge of Values and Commitments, which we ask all team members to abide to.

The Values and Commitments were developed by the team as a whole, and not dictated by upper management, and therefore represent the group’s true vision of who we are as a firm.